Our Fiction Writing Workshop is Back!



The Center for Black Literature in partnership with the Department of Adult & Continuing Education presents

A Fiction Writing Workshop
with Donna Hill

National Best Selling Author of
“What My Mother Never Told Me”

The Center for Black Literature at Medgar Evers College, CUNY, offers a Fiction Writing Workshop through the Adult & Continuing Education program (ACE). 

$375 Course Code: ED-FW-100

$25 Registration Fee

(Use Code “fiction” by Sept. 1, 2018, to receive $50 off your tuition!) 

Mondays in October 2018, 6 PM – 8 PM

1. Character—More than a Name 10/1/18
2. Setting—As Story 10/15/18
3. Plot—It’s Elemental 10/22/18
4. Now What? 10/29/18

Register below. Online fees will apply.

Are you interested in starting or finishing your novel? How about completing that short story you have been stuck on? Get started by working with established, published author Donna Hill and learn tools to hone the craft of creative writing.  Beginners are welcome. Limited capacity.

Registration Details

  • This workshop is a certificate bearing course in the Adult and Continuing Education Dept. in the School of Professional and Community Development at Medgar Evers College, CUNY.
  • The workshop is held for four consecutive weeks unless there are holiday interruptions, in which case the session will be scheduled for the following week.
  • Participants may register, by telephone, online, in person (by appointment ONLY) up until September 26, 2018, at the Center for Black Literature.

Session Descriptions:

Session 1: Character—More than a Name

Characters are the heart and soul of any novel. Discover how to create strong, three-dimensional characters from the ground up. Develop a character bio and see your characters come to life on the page. There was never a great book without great characters.

Session 2: Setting—As Story

The place, where you set your story, can be as powerful as the story itself. Find out how to make your settings sparkle with realism even if you have made up the town. Everyone knows about New York, but did they know that the Underground Railroad had stops in Downtown Brooklyn? Discover how to incorporate exciting elements of setting to spice up your novel, and how to be sure that your information is accurate even if you’ve lived in the neighborhood all of your life. Do you know if Sixth Avenue goes uptown or down? Where is the Guggenheim Museum?

Session 3: Plot—It’s Elemental 

Plot is the foundation of your story. Without plot your words will dance around on the page aimlessly. Even your wonderful characters cannot save a lackluster plot. Learn how to manipulate the elements of plot from point of view, foreshadowing, internal and external conflict, climax, where and how to begin, and so much more.

Session 4: Now what?

What do I do when I’m done? Learn the ins and outs of the next steps when your novel is finished. Finding an editor, an agent; self-publishing vs. traditional publishing, using social media to build your fan base and so much more.

Meet Donna Hill:

NBWC 2018
Donna Hill Author & Prof. of English at Medgar Evers College, CUNY

Donna Hill began her career in 1987 writing short stories for confession magazines. She has more than 50 published titles to her credit since her first novel was released in 1990, and is considered one of the early pioneers of the African-American romance genre. Three of her novels have been adapted for television. Hill has appeared on numerous radio and television stations across the country and her work has appeared on several best-seller lists, including Essence, Emerge and The Dallas Morning News among others. She has received numerous awards for her work—which crosses several genres – including The Career Achievement Award, the first recipient of The Trailblazer Award, The Zora Neale Hurston Literary Award, and The Gold Pen Award, as well as commendations for her community service, during her tenure as director for Kianga House—a transitional residence for homeless teen mothers and their children. Hill cowrote the screenplay “Fire,” which enjoyed limited theater release before going to DVD.

Her career found her working full time, as a writer, for the Office of Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz from 2006 to 2013. As an editor, she has packaged several highly successful novels and anthologies, two of which were nominated for awards. She served as a writing instructor at The Frederick Douglass Creative Arts Center in New York and as a writing instructor with the Elders Writing Program sponsored by Medgar Evers College through Poets & Writers, and oversaw the compilation and publication of their memoir anthology Tales of Our Time (2012). Hill is a graduate of Goddard College with an MFA in creative writing. She has also been an adjunct professor of English at Essex County College, The College of New Rochelle, and an adjunct teaching assistant for Ashford University. She lives in Brooklyn with her family and is currently an adjunct professor of English at Medgar Evers College, CUNY.

CBL – Telephone: 718-804-8883;
E-mail: Writers@mec.cuny.edu

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This course is in partnership with the Department of Adult & Continuing Education, School of Professional and Community Development at Medgar Evers College, CUNY